Gorillakilla on Men's Nail Cutters, How to Cut Your Nails!

How to Cut Your Nails

Clip your nails, cut your nails. It sounds simple, right? Because it is!

Women take a proactive approach and do their nails like clockwork. Men only pay attention to their nails when they notice how shoddy they look. It’s typically right before a meeting or a date when it’s too late. That’s what you call reactive. It’s no good.

So, why do so many men go out in public with unkempt fingernails and toenails?

Well, the reason is that they don’t get an immediate gratification after cutting their nails. In fact, usually men cut their nails too short leaving them feeling uncomfortable. When you couple that with a cheap, $3.00 clipper that works like a guillotine men are left with nails feeling irritated like sore gums after a harsh cleaning at the dentist.

How do you trim your nails? Let's break it down.

  1. Dedicate a consistent time each week. I like Sunday evenings. Scheduling a weekly time will keep embarrassing moments to a minimum.
  2. Don’t cut your nails too short. Guys tend to cut their nail short for two reasons: they don’t know any better and/or secretly they don’t know when they will get to it again (scheduling will solve that second reason).
  3. Using a high quality, handheld nail cutter, lead with the top third of the blades and move in the direction of the tips (not pulling towards the handles). Make small cuts (approx. 4-5) across the top of your nail (again, not too short) and voila! You’re done. Congratulations! You know how to trim your nails.

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