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ApeX Precision Nail Cutter w/FREE SHIPPING in US

ApeX Precision Nail Cutter w/FREE SHIPPING in US

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Don't confuse our men's nail cutters with nail clippers sold at newsstands or drug stores that leave nail edges sharp and irritated. The ApeX Precision Nail Cutter, hand crafted from high tensile steel, cuts both toenails and fingernails and leaves a smooth, clean, nail edge for a well-manicured appearance.

Made in the USA and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Who loves it?
-A longtime favorite of girlfriends, wives, significant others
-A TOP PICK for body builders who frequently apply pressure on finger tips/nails when lifting! 
-Diabetics who suffer from thickening of nails can make fast work with the extremely sharp edge and narrow hand grip providing for greater leverage!