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ApeX Titanium Slant Nose Tweezers

ApeX Titanium Slant Nose Tweezers

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The ApeX Pure Titanium Slant Nose Tweezers by Gorillakilla are precision made tweezers and are nothing like anything you have used before. First, we use Computer Aided Manufacturing to maintain a consistent geometry (length, width, operation) with the tweezers. Next each Tweezers are individually hand finished and sharpened to perfection by skilled craftsman. After receiving many inquiries from individuals suffering from contact dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction from Nickel (most alloy metals such as stainless steel contain nickel) we set out to create a Titanium Tweezers that we can bring to market for under one hundred dollars. Titanium is extremely expensive and difficult to work with, but has many advantages over conventional stainless steel tweezers; First, Titanium is allergy free, it is also 40% lighter and significantly stronger than steel. We made the finger grips indented and wide for superior control and one size fits most. All ApeX Grooming Products carry a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturer defects.

ALLERGY FREE-Putting an end to contact dermatitis caused by nickel allergies when using conventional stainless steel tweezers

PURE TITANIUM 6AI-4V-40% Lighter and significantly stronger than steel for better control

SHARP BROAD PRECISION TIP-Taking the guess work out of plucking even the finest hairs

WIDE ONE SIZE FITS MOST INDENTED GRIP-Providing Excellent Control for most hand sizes and those that have less than perfect vision