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ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers

ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers

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Includes a Leather Travel Sheath. Made in the USA!

The best in mens's grooming and with a Lifetime Guarantee (see video below), the ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers is the standard and "must have grooming device" for men!  Our tweezers have been called the single most important grooming instrument in your grooming toolkit.

At 4" long, handcrafted with 440 surgical grade stainless steel, and backed with a lifetime guarantee, the ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers were originally created for efficiently plucking ear hair with little to no pain that typically occurs by pinching or poking from traditionally sharp "slant tip" tweezers. They're also the perfect men's eyebrow tweezers for managing eyebrows and separating a unibrow to achieve a natural, non-plucked look.

Comes complete with a Top Grain Leather Travel Sheath (sold separately at $4.95).

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