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ApeX Essential Men's Grooming Kit

ApeX Essential Men's Grooming Kit

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Inspired by our customers who have for years been asking for men’s grooming kit with just the essential grooming tools and can be carried anywhere in a handsome case.

Introducing the Essential Men's Grooming Kit by ApeX! Never again appear on a date, interview, or presentation looking unkempt. The Essential Men's Grooming Kit is a power-trio in men’s grooming with instruments specifically created for maintaining all the public areas essential to a great first impression. 

1) Starting with the ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers, our hallmark product and a staple in men's grooming, you can comfortably maintain eyebrows and ear hair with its rounded tip and slightly larger handle size.

 2) Next, the Nail Ninja Pocket Nail Clipper, is a sleek professional nail clipper. It's so thin (nearly 80% thinner than a drug store clipper) that it can be carried in your wallet or on a key ring in its handsome key chain case. This extra low profile nail clipper has a cutting surface big enough for fingernails and most toenails.

 3) Finally, the ApeX Travel Nose Hair Trimmer will comfortably trim mustaches, beards, and pesky nose hair. No batteries needed. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and we even include an extra tension screw just in case you lose the first one.

 All held in our handsome leather tool roll with embossed logo measuring just 2”W x 4”L (half of the size of a small wallet) and made with “Rough & Tough Leather (the same leather used with Red Wing Boots) right here in the USA.

A value without equal! Save nearly 40% compared to buying separately.

Now there is no excuse not to make your next impression, your best impression!