Gorillakilla Grooming, What Goes Into Our Men's Grooming Tools?

How we do the voodoo that we do, or simply put, what goes into our men’s grooming tools and grooming kits?

We are going to review why we choose the materials we use when manufacturing our products enabling us to bring you the finest grooming tools at a price that makes sense while offering a Lifetime Guarantee!                                                                 

The Competition:

First, let start with the competition; our competitors overwhelmingly use Type 420 Grade Stainless Steel, this stainless steel is commonly used in Cutlery Grade (sometimes referred to Surgical Grade) for it’s ability to polish easily. Very corrosive resistant but does not hold an edge very well. I know you see “surgical grade” used to describe this and assume that must be better since that’s what a surgeon might use, surprise surgeons are on a tighter budget than anyone, sorry.


Ok, to start with we need to review two types of metal we use in most of our tools along with the leather cases included with each of our grooming tools. In summary, we will touch on the manufacturing process that ultimately benefits our end user, you the customer.

With Stainless Steel, what are we looking for the following attributes:

  • Steel that will hold an edge over time
  • Strong corrosive resistant properties
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Different Finish Variations (brushed, polished, bead blasted)

First, our steel of choice is Type 440 Stainless Steel. Specifically, we use Type 440C Stainless Steel in all our grooming tools (also known as razorblade steel). Type 440C uses a higher carbon content for superior edge retaining qualities and only slightly lower corrosion resistance than its siblings Type 440A and 440B.

Why Brass Hardware? We use brass hardware in several of our Nose Hair Trimmers/Scissors for a couple of reasons:

  • Brass is highly resistant to corrosion. Brass is so resistant to corrosion that it is typically used in harsh marine applications. In fact, brass forms a natural barrier against corrosion over long periods of time.
  • Brass is strong and the choice for screws in severe environments or like screws in scissors.
  • Placing form in front of function. It’s handsome when new and handsome as it ages and gains a patina.

 Leather Cases:

Included with all ApeX Grooming Tools is leather case specifically made to best protect and carry our tools. We use top grain leather (same used in Everlast Boxing Heavy Bags and Red Wing Boots).

A brief summary of our manufacturing process:

We use CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) to help guarantee proper tool dimensions and tolerances in forging critical to performance. After our tools leave forging, they are each inspected and finished by hand and packaged.  

There you have it, our manufacturing process in “Reader Digest” format. We know this is not rocket science, but it’s our mission and one that we take very seriously. Checkout the GorillaKilla difference, come visit us at www.gorillakilla.com


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