Gorillakilla Grooming Hacks 101, 4 Essential Grooming Tips for Men!

 After 10 years of selling 5 star rated grooming instruments and hearing from thousands of customers we have come up with 4 simple and essential DIY grooming tips that can be done at home, in the office (in the restroom) or on the road (again, preferably using the restroom).

Let’s break it down, we are talking essential, meaning not really a matter of opinion, so manscaping, body hair or facial hair will not be included given they all are matter of preference. One more thing, personal hygiene is not included, brushing your teeth, using deodorant and showering, we can agree that it’s a given.  

Here are the 4 essentials in this order: 

  • Cutting your nails
  • Trimming nose hair
  • Ridding ear hair
  • Trimming eyebrows

#1 ”Cutting your nails”

Nobody wants anything to do with someone who has not taken care of their fingernails. This is both true in your professional and personal life. Professionally, nothing is more distracting than long unkempt fingernails on a man when giving a presentation or in a meeting, no joke. In addition and as important is having your nails looking near perfect when dating. Women will notice mans nails immediately and decide right then and there if those hands will ever be in contact with her.

#2 “Trimming Nose Hair”

As plain as the nose on your face, nose hair is frequently forgotten especially with men who sport facial hair. Unsightly nose hair can sabotage an entire effort in looking good, great clothes; great hair and great shoes mean little when your nose hair is out of control. Remember to trim your nose hair at roughly the same rate you clip your nails at a minimum.

#3 “Ridding ear hair”

Ear hair falls under the profile category, particularly for those who are getting on in years. Strong chin, dope haircut, ooh noo, salt and pepper hair stemming from your lughole. Starting at around age 35 men start to grow ear hair. Ridding ear hair is crucial when dating younger. Understand, women do not mind dating older, but they don’t want to date their father. Plucking ear hair works best with a good set of tweezers, not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds, trust us we are regulars here.

 #4 “ Grooming eyebrows”

Grooming eyebrows has wide range of severance, from stray hairs to unibrows. In general we suggest you pluck your eyebrows and never use a scissors (again not as uncomfortable a it sounds). You are best off maintaining the natural line of the brow by selectively plucking as opposed to trimming can creating a hedge like effect. In the case of the unibrow, Men’ style expert Aaron Marino has an excellent video (Men’s Eyebrow Grooming) to help you out.

We said this would be simple, not to mention economical. So, stay consistent, stick to the basics and in time it will become hassle free and part of your daily regiment. Best of luck out there!       



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