Gorillakilla on Nose Hair Grooming, The Nose Knows & No’s A definitive guide to Men’s Nose Hair Grooming and Relationships?

Confused, let me explain. This is all about the general health of your nose, the influence it has on your voice, the sound it plays when breathing and what it looks like and how it might influence the relationships you do or don’t forge. That’s right, relationships. In many ways you can look at the general state of ones nose and almost forecast how well their next meeting might go; be it professional or personal. Think about it, nobody wants to be close to someone with a runny nose, a dirty nose, a nose picker or someone with unkempt nose hair. Are we in agreement? Well, we can’t help you remedy that stubborn cold or if you are a habitual nose picker (Dude, just don’t do it!) but we can help on grooming, trimming and maintaining your nose hair. Let’s get into it by talking about the Pro’s and Con’s of all your options:
1) Let’s start by saying waxing and not a viable option: Waxing is painful, inconvenient, and expensive and has been known to promote infections. Enough said.

2) Manual Rotary Devices:

Pro’s-Quiet, Portable, Convenient, Economical

Con’s- Not so easy to use and frequently catches hairs, Ouch. It’s also a unitasker, only meant to do one thing, they say good for ear hear, but that’s an afterthought and not a very good one at that.

3) The very popular Electric Rotary Trimmers by Panasonic, Braun etc:
Pro’s- Fast, Economical, and Convenient

Con’s- Noisy, Not portable, Frequently catches hairs, Ouch and relies on electricity, replaceable batteries or charging (really, you need another thing to charge, Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Watches, Nose Hair Trimmer, don’t think so).

4) Nose Hair Trimming Scissors:

Pro’s-Portable, Quiet, Reliable, economical, No Batteries, TSA Approved, superior reach and can do more than just trim your nose hair. Even up your sideburns or trim your beard, cut fishing line, just saying.

Con’s- finding one that does all the above well and carries a Lifetime Guarantee.

Well, as luck would have it, we know exactly where to find the perfect pair that possesses all those great qualities. The ApeX Premium Nose Hair Trimmers and the ApeX Travel Nose Hair Trimmers both with serrated blades, brass hardware, carry a Lifetime Guarantee, easy to carry, quite, TSA Approved and don’t require batteries.

There you have it, a guide that can help you make an informed decision on how best handle the grooming of your nose hair and your next meeting.

And lastly, remember, “With women, cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Let’s have fewer “no, no, never” and more “yes, yes, more.”

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