GorillaKilla Dating Hacks 101 for Men, Staying Out of the “Friend Zone”

August 7th is International Friendship Day.

Hopefully it’s one day you won’t be celebrating if you practice the tips below!

The dreaded Friend Zone. You know the drill: it’s when you’re romantically attracted to someone while they only view you as a “friend” or “nice guy.” (Which is code for never fucking you.) This leaves you planning the great escape out of the Friend Zone and into a romance, the “boyfriend zone,” or completely moving on to greener pastures.

Don’t worry - everyone has been there at one time or another. It’s a bad place to be and difficult to escape. The best thing to do is avoid getting there in the first place.

Enter a recent GorillaKilla customer. This gentleman initially called in with a question concerning the ApeX Precision Nail Cutter included in his First Date Kit and jokingly said, “I am counting on your grooming instruments to help me stay out of the Friend Zone.”

He told us that he constantly finds himself in the Friend Zone when dating or meeting women he is interested in having a sexual relationship with. He went on to tell us that he has read several articles about staying out of the Friend Zone. These articles advised making yourself not as available or walking away and talking to other women. This shows the woman of interest that you have other options who look at you as a sexual male of boyfriend proportions.

We were flabbergasted and after some brief research we found a plethora of that advice out there.

Not making yourself available is just a trick. It’s essentially the same trick as playing hard to get. Different strategy for a different reason altogether. People are attracted to other people who are busy and have a lot going on. In other words, playing hard to get or not being too available should be because you are actually busy and you are enjoying your life and not waiting for anyone.

And as far as showing her other women find you sexually attractive, sure that is an effective way for her to maybe see you in a different light. However, let’s be honest. If you can skillfully show other women find you sexually attractive on demand, it’s most likely you would not be in the Friend Zone to begin with. So before you give up and lead a life of fapping or being the master of your domain, here are some other ways to “handle your business.”

Tackling the Friend Zone and how to stay out of it.

First, lets go over what most likely got us in the Friend Zone to begin with and what you should do to avoid it. It all starts with setting the right tone from the beginning. You see, many guys rush into asking personal questions, like where she’s from, where did she go to school or what does she do for a living, etc. Building rapport might be good for the office where you are trying to build trust, but that’s where you should leave it. Remember, you are looking for chemistry and her feeling safe but not being the trusted friend and how her birth order gave her less self worth. Start out much lighter, flirting, joking and being playful with each other. In fact, at this stage names are not even important but being cute and fun is.

Second: sexual tension, build it! You can do this with casual or playful touching (NOT GROPING). For example: lightly brushing her shoulders when taking her coat in a restaurant, lightly touching her hand when helping her in or out of a car or taxi, or when elbows lightly touch when sharing an armrest in a movie theatre. All this touching has one thing in common: lightly. Also, if she is casually touching you, don’t miss that signal. Women do not touch men they are not attracted to on some level. Touching is something you should do relatively quickly. This is key to building sexual tension and letting her know you are interested in her, romantically. You will be surprised how quickly this touching can advance things.

Next, show her how interested you are in her. Now is not the time to be shy about expressing your interest. Moving too slowly is taking one step towards the “Friend Zone.” We want to run with any chemistry you might have with her, not get comfortable, relaxing into a platonic friendship.

Finally, show her the real you, not the “you” who is trying to be liked by everyone by being silly. A sense of humor is of course important but women are looking for confidence and strength in their sexual partners, don’t forget that.

Follow these tips, don’t over think it, and most of all, be yourself and have fun!

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