Gorillakilla Hair Hacks 101, Hair Products for Men

For too long, men have felt the lingering stigma that they do not value self-care as strongly as women. In reality, when you analyze market trends, the booming male grooming industry proves otherwise. The market is expected to reach a growth rate of 5.23% through 2023 due to changing social trends and increased awareness around men’s health.

If you’re a man who puts little to no effort at all into your grooming or self-care routine, it’s definitely time to start putting yourself first. Here are some products you can utilize in your daily routine to encourage your health and happiness, while looking good doing so.

Hair Thickeners

About half of all men will start to see noticeable hair loss by the time they reach age 50, and a 1/4 will experience it by age 30. Being so common, numerous forms hair loss treatments like finasteride have flooded the online market in recent years. These products that thicken hair and slow the rate of hair loss, are available in multiple forms, from gummies and pills to topical solutions. When they make it this simple, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be considering this treatment for thinning hair.

Styling Mousse

It’s no secret that a freshly cut or styled head of hair can boost a guy’s confidence. The right hairstyle that plays on the strengths of your facial shape and bone structure can boost your attractiveness and set you apart from the rest of the pack. The best hair gels or mousses for your hair type and texture can solve hair obstacles like frizziness or stiffness. Check out a guide to men’s hair products and see if styling wax, mousse, paste, or cream will be most appropriate for you.

Beard Oils

If you have the opportunity to grow out your facial hair, beard oil is a product you should have in your medicine cabinet. The natural oils nourish beards of any length, adding shine and moisture to any beard experiencing dryness, itching or flaking. You will also be able to style your fresh, soft beard with beard oil by keeping it intact and preventing it from feeling like sandpaper. Similar to mousse, find the right beard oil for you by considering hair type and texture so you can add that extra charm to your appearance.


As winter resolves and the warmer seasons are around the corner, our skin is often left dry and irritated. A simple moisturizer for men can bring a little life back to your skin by hydrating your hands, face, or lips to make skin look younger. Another benefit to moisturizers is that many times they serve as a sun protectant, so utilizing moisturizers in the form of lotions, face wash, or lip balm can protect your skin from harmful UV rays that you’ll be seeing much more of this coming spring.


There are plenty of reasons to invest in aftershave; one being that it removes the bacteria from the freshly shaved pores on your face, preventing breakouts. Not only that, but it also protects your susceptible pores from filling in with any additional bacteria that could encourage acne. Of course if you experience pain or sensitivity after shaving, this is a must-have product to incorporate into your grooming routine.

If you’re just discovering the benefits to some of these men’s self-care products, don’t worry. It’s never too late to switch up your grooming routine and invest in new products. This spring, make yourself a priority and strive toward better men’s self-care.

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