Gorillakilla Shaving Hacks 101, all you need to know, unless your hobby is shaving!

Let’s Dive in:

1st Use a sharp razor!!!

The rest of these tips are meaningless if you don’t get this right. what ever your flavor, Gillette Fusion, Safety Razor or Straight Edge, opening the gateway to the perfect shave starts with a sharp blade. For those who doubt this, please continue using a butter knife to cut your Porterhouse.

2nd Take a hot shower!

This will help soften your beard and help the razor more easily shave your hydrated stubble. In fact, you can shave time by shaving in the shower using a good non-fog mirror and heavy application of skin moisturizer could be your one stop shopping shaving strategy.

3rd Quality moisturizer or shaving cream:

Immediately after exiting the shower, apply moisturizer or shave cream to your face (if shaving your scalp use moisturizer).

4th Shaving technique:

Regardless of what you may have hear, for smoothest shave possible use short strokes with your razor (approximately 1.0-1.5 inches) frequently cleaning the razor free of debris under warm water after each stroke. Always shave with the grain of your beard, this should provide a close enough shave for most occasions and help against chaffing. However if you want to go closer, apply another application of shave cream or moisturizer and shave again using short strokes against the grain.

5th The finish:

Rinse your face well with cold water and apply a skin toner (not on scalp) or a light application (our preference) of skin moisturizer all over your scalp and face. Consider using a moisturizer containing SPF protection.

Everything you need to know and nothing you don’t!

All the best!

The Band of Gorillas @Gorillakilla.com

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