Gorillakilla on Nose Hair Grooming, How to Trim Your Nose Hair!

Nose Hair. There is nothing more distracting, disgusting, grotesque, or more of a turn off. Okay, maybe there are a few things that could be worse, but unkempt nose hair is near the top of the list.

Like when you go home early after a hot date and wonder why something seemed off all evening. The conversation didn’t flow. Eye contact was off. Then you look in the mirror and can’t seem to tell where your nose hair stops and your mustache begins?

How do you get rid of nose hair? Simple.

The first thing you need to know about trimming nose hair is what NOT to do. You should never pluck or wax your nose hair (check it out, Dr. Oz will confirm). Your nose hair serves a purpose to help filter dirt and debris so we actually want it to still be there. We just don’t want it visible to those around us.

How to Trim Your Nose HairNow let’s begin. Using a mirror under good lighting, work the nose hair scissors tips in and around the opening of your nostrils. Carefully open the scissors blades a quarter of an inch at most and trim away all those longer, stray hairs. Next, carefully trim in and under the tip of your nose, as well as the back, and you’re done! Clean excess hair in your nose with rolled tissue (don’t roll the tissue too thick and don’t push the tissue deep into your nose). Finally, wipe down your scissors with a little rubbing alcohol and be on your way with confidence brimming from your trimming!

When should you take care of it?

Chances are you will only know when it’s too late which is why it’s best to dedicate a consistent time each week to grooming. This will certainly help reduce or eliminate embarrassing moments. I like Sunday night so I can wake up Monday morning ready to take on the world.

What should you use?

We like nose hair trimmers of the scissors variety with rounded safety tips for comfort and maneuvering in and around your nose. An electric nose hair trimmer isn’t as portable, they’re difficult to control, you can get pinched by a blade driven by an electric motor (ouch), and they can be really difficult to clean (think about that one for a moment – and you thought sharing a toothbrush was gross!). They can also run out of batteries or a charge when you need them most.

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