Gorillakilla Dating Hacks 101, Can a Man's Sense of Humor Improve His Love Life!

sense of humor

Ok, the title has some truth to it but don’t take it too far. Our ambition is to create the total package – don’t just focus on one or the other. Now that we got that out of way, know this: a confident, funny guy who is a little out of shape is getting laid far more often than the Adonis who lives at the gym and takes himself way too seriously.

That’s right, women like guys who can touch their feelings. Very similar to musicians, artists, and writers who express themselves in music, paintings, and books to win over a woman’s heart, a good sense of humor can do the same. Why?

Studies have shown the more men try to be funny and the more women respond favorably to those attempts, the more likely they are interested in dating you. 

So, gentlemen, replace those soggy old pickup lines with some fresh new punch lines.

Lacking a bit of a sense of humor you say? Give your sense of humor a jumpstart by watching standup comedians and comedy movies on YouTube, Netflix, etc. Go old school by watching movies and standup starring Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor or the more contemporary movies and standup from Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan or Seth Rogen. Ere on the side of caution though and don’t start out with lewd or racy jokes. Also, understand that what you say is not nearly as critical your timing and delivery.

More importantly, remember, few girls can resist a guy with confidence and a good sense of humor who enjoys laughing and having fun!

And most importantly, make sure you are well groomed as not to distract away from your delivery.

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