GorillaKilla on Parenting, Fathers Day, the Second Hardest Job in the World?

Let’s jump right in, I am a father of four, three of whom are girls and as a father of three girls I pay particularly close attention to the Women’s Movement, but even if I wasn’t the father of any girls, I would still stand for equal rights for women in pay, opportunity, advancement and treatment. Now, with that said, don’t equal rights go both ways? However, when it comes to Fathers Day, well Fathers day is to Chanukah as Mothers Day is to Christmas. It simply doesn’t get nearly the same play or respect. For good reason, there are vastly more good mothers in this world than good fathers. However, there’re still millions of great dad’s (not to mention single dads) doing all the right things that deserve at least the same respect as mothers. Maybe instead of saying the world’s toughest job is being a mother; we change it to the worlds toughest job is being a parent, now that sounds like something we can all get behind, right?           

Now that we set the world straight on parental equality, let’s get something for Dad this father's day that he will not only appreciate but shows that you appreciate him for all the boring soccer games he attended, dating advice and advice on sex you never asked for, lengthy lectures where you walk away with only one point, he cares or just paying for stuff (and by stuff, I mean everything). Our Essentials Grooming Kit for Men by Gorillakilla.com! It contains three essential men’s grooming tools, Ultra Low Profile Nail Clippers, Nose Hair Trimmer and our classic ApeX Original Round Tip Tweezers all held in a manly leather tool roll for only just $60, that's nearly 40% less than buying these essential grooming tools separately, did we mention they are TSA approved and Shipping is Free Worldwide!

He’s your dad, your father or maybe he’s your best bud, but he’s still a man and he still needs to groom and look his best, help him out, he’s always helped you.


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