Gorillakilla Grooming Hacks 101, Nose Hair Grooming for Men, ApeX Nose Hair Trimmers

nose hair trimmerThe ApeX Nose Hair Trimmers are manufactured using 440 surgical grade stainless steel and are hand-honed and sharpened by American craftsmen. At 4.5 inches in length, the ApeX Nose Hair Trimmers feature a rounded safety tip for superior comfort. Unlike many of our competitors, we place as much care on not only our cutting blades but also all of the touch points: smooth and comfortable finger-holes, instrument proportion, weight, and tension adjustment. We even provide an extra adjustable screw, just in case (it’s the boy scout in us).

We believe our manual nose hair trimmers are far superior than popular electric nose hair trimmers for the following reasons: 1. Easier to use, 2. Faster trimming speed, and 3. Less effort. Compare that to a one-speed electric motor that has little to no forgiveness once you go in your nose. OUCH! Let’s also not forget there are no batteries, charging, or outlets needed. The ApeX Nose Hair Trimmers is the best grooming wingman that you can take anywhere, (including planes!).  We stand behind all ApeX Grooming Tools with a lifetime guarantee! 


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