Men's Grooming Hacks 101, Donald Trump - Comb Over Here, Let’s Talk!

Donald Trump comb over
The Comb Over.

We all know about it and a majority of us know how ridiculous it looks. However, the comb over is an equal opportunity affliction offering false hope to anyone with thinning hair, no matter what their social status.

Case and point: presidential hopeful and Mexican border wall-building mogul, Donald Trump. Now, Trump has the resources to have whatever hair he wants to adorn the top of his head. So why does he continue to sport this comb over look? The simple reason is that before Trump became the old, big mouthed, famous rich guy, he was once the young, big mouthed, famous rich (and eligible) guy dating models, actresses, etc.

In other words, the biggest reason why he or anyone else continues to comb over is that they don’t want to let go of a certain time in their life. They’ll do whatever they can to give people the impression they are still that same person, in this case, the Donald of days past. But, what impression does it really give? Outside of it looking ridiculous, it's a complete distraction with every action that person takes: walking, talking, dancing, screwing, etc.

Think about it, on the female front what impression does the comb over give? It shows you are not comfortable in your own skin. If things progress on a date with Lord Comb Over, she might think about running her hands through that hair. Or can she? What about if she happens to hold or touch your head during certain sexual acts or, god forbid, what does your climax face look like? Finally, how does the comb over fair the next morning?

Do we need to say more? Balding, thinning hair, it doesn’t matter, embrace the person you are today.

Here’s the good news: with so many hairstyles in favor (one being a shaved head) the comb over is heading towards the way of the dodo bird. Shave it or trim it. Just practice good grooming. (Note: we are NOT saying practice good comb over techniques and believe all the lies you tell yourself!)

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