GorillaKilla Dating Hacks 101 for Men, Valentine’s Day: Zero to Hero?

Here we go again. Another Hallmark Holiday that you have no other choice but to observe if you are in a relationship. But wait, no need to worry, Gorillakilla.com has you covered. We have several great tips that can propel you from Zero to Hero in about fifteen minutes!

I remember being between girlfriends and, for the first time since high school, not having a valentine. I had just moved in to a great new Manhattan apartment and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by myself with a couple of vodka martinis, bottle of Cabernet and a 28 ounce porter house steak. It was great! I strongly recommend formally treating yourself to your favorite meal alone and truly embracing your own company.

As a side note (Pick Up Advice Alert!), when shopping for my dinner that night at Fairway’s on 86th Street there were many women shopping solo and preparing dinner for one. That evening I made contact with several beautiful women in the produce department while discussing best criteria for picking tomatoes, onions, avocados etc. In short, if you find yourself the lone wolf, you can find a lot of opportunity early in the evening. I say early because I found the later evening scene was pretty desolate in many of the local bars. Makes sense, right?

Remember, discussing food is a great way to meet and get to know people.

Now, back to making Valentine’s Day easy and making you a hero!

First things first: don’t buy lingerie, perfume or a handmade coupon for a complimentary massage at Spa Skate De Cheap. Take this opportunity to do something perfectly selfless and thoughtful (and will surprise her). She loves or at least likes you the way you are. However, that hipster beard was never her favorite but she wanted to be cool and support you having fun.

Shave it off specifically for that day and say you wanted to look good for her that evening. Women love knowing you took the time plan something specific for them. It means you listen, you care, and you’re still interested in dating her, not just continuing to be her boyfriend. Oh, and don’t ruin it by saying “well I was already thinking of shaving it anyway.”

The same goes for taking care of that back hair she often jokes about but tells you she doesn’t mind. That’s the telltale sign of a good woman who lies to protect your feelings (and sometimes ego if you know what I mean).

Finally, and it should go without saying, don’t forget the standards: take care of your nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows, fingernails and toenails. Cleaning yourself up specifically for that special night/weekend will mean a lot to your significant other. Trust us – she’ll notice.

Use these easy, thoughtful, fast, and cheap tips to become that Hero in her eyes and we guarantee you will see dividends far beyond the one night!

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