GorillaKilla Dating Hacks 101 for Men, The Line King: What Not to Say to Women Part 2 of a 2-part series

Last week we talked to you about some pretty obvious things you should never say to a woman. We called them obvious because they centered entirely on the way a woman looks--which, if you haven't guessed, isn't the only thing a girl wants to be known for. (Remember, her eyes are *up here*.)

So why is this our SHOULD Be Obvious list? Well, we'd like to think that you know that taking care to treat a woman's feelings is important, too. We know, we know, again with all the feelings. Anyway, here's our list of More Things Never to Say to a Woman. 
1) "Looks like someone has been hitting the gym!" Sounds pretty benign, right? In and of itself it is only recognizing a change in her. However there are so many better ways of saying the same thing without having the thought cross her mind “I guess it was really obvious I wasn’t going to the gym.” Example of a better way: “I don’t know what you have been doing, but you look amazing!” Now, that’s what she wants to hear. See the difference? Also, let he volunteer what she’s been doing, no probing.
2) "That’s exactly what my mother would say." PRO TIP: No woman wants to be told she's like anyone's Mama.
3) "Oh, I hate [Oprah, Wendy, Ellen]." So many things are wrong with this. First of all, no one likes a hater. Second, millions of women consider these women their best friends, so just don't. And what the f*#k are you doing having an opinion on these shows anyway? 
4) "Your sister is pretty smokin! "Dude, how would you feel if she said YOUR brother looks like he’s packing heat, he’s hot? Yeah, we thought so.
5) "Wow, you want dessert, too?" Let her eat. But remember, if she orders dessert, you should, too: it's common etiquette. Yes, really.
6) "My Ex use to do the same thing?" I was dumb enough to say this once, and the girl I directed towards told me, “You just gave me license to use my teeth.” On what? Oh shit, sorry, really sorry.
7) "Those pants make you look so thin." Really? Because that mouth you're wearing makes your face look like an ass.
8) "You went out with you last boyfriend for 5 years, seriously?" Or, "You're in your [insert age here] and never been married or engaged?" Again, so many reasons this is wrong, but we'll give you the mother lode of reasons: This is the woman's equivalent of locker-room talk. That is, it ain't none of your business. 
Yeah. It's complicated. But no need to shy away from it: it's super easy, once you remember that you're not actually out to hurt anyone's feelings. Right?

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