Gorillakilla Dating Hacks 101? Back Hair Grooming, A Charade We All Play!

We have all heard of the "Pregnant Pause." You know what we're talking about. This is that silence that happens after someone has said or done something that leaves everyone who bore witness to the event speechless. Well, this week we are discussing something similar to the Pregnant Pause, but really completely different and to our knowledge does not have a name to describe it.

What we are talking about can happen when talking to a buddy at a urinal and you inadvertently look down at them and you're not sure if they noticed you looking so you react in the extreme and quickly look in the opposite direction or when you happen to be looking at the same computer screen with a coworker or friend and without warning they enter their PIN or password. So again, you quickly think of a fictitious reason to immediately look away to give the impression you did not see anything. And this motion of looking away is akin to a bobble head following a hyperactive housefly above head. Executing this action flawlessly will hopefully bring you the one outcome you are hoping for; a complete lack of acknowledgement in any way, shape or form that your subject noticed you looking.

So, how does this relate to men's grooming? From our experience here at GorillaKilla we know that this charade can be triggered by many actions. In the case of men’s grooming the moment of truth is when one of you fine gentlemen pull your t-shirt over your head and expose back-hair reminisce of 70's wrestling legend George "The Animal” Steele. This can happen anywhere, poolside, bedside etc. As you continue to perform your unveiling, the lucky onlookers suddenly become deeply interested in the book they just took a break from or discovered a phantom eyelash nesting on their cornea and act temporally blinded.

As gorillas we need to be aware of this and care enough not to put our dates, girlfriends or wives into this situation. Why? Outside of being thoughtful and considerate, put yourself into those same shoes. You're poolside with your date and while pulling her sweatshirt over head she exposes a thick thatch of dark underarm hair, nice. See what we mean? And before we hear from any of you globe trotters out there, we know that certain countries and cultures are accepting of this, but not most countries and certainly not the US.

So, do the right thing and take care of that back-hair, nose-hair or anything else that would put your special someone in that potentially embarrassing situation.

One more thing, that’s our Head Gorilla, Ken Adams in the picture practicing what we preach!

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