Gorillakilla Grooming Hacks 101, Springtime Grooming for Men, It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Springtime!

Well, not exactly but if you’re like us and reside here in the Northeast then you know this past Wednesday afternoon we were granted a few hours of relief from the -5° to 9° degree temperatures with a balmy 38° degrees.

It doesn’t sound that warm (and we know it’s not spring yet) but you would never know by all the telltale signs associated with what happens once a glimpse of warm weather appears. People didn’t just take off their hats and gloves; some were wearing only t-shirts and jeans! The biggest telltale sign of them all is what the girls wore. Some people look at signs of spring by when Crocus (the little purple and yellow flowers) pop through the snow or when the birds begin to sing or even when hipsters go from wearing knit caps to, well, thinner knit caps (why stop looking cool because the mercury rises a little?). At gorillakilla.com we don’t need confirmation from a groundhog and his shadow. We rely solely on what the girls are wearing or, more accurately, what they’re not wearing. When women start wearing shorter, lighter dresses and showing off their bare legs the season has changed no matter what the Almanac tells us.

So what does all this mean to us men? It means now is the perfect time to kick-start the grooming maintenance on all your bits and pieces before you find yourself in an embarrassing spot with a neighborhood hottie. Specifically take care of anything that has been under wraps for the past four or five months. This is not limited to toenails and back hair but also things that have been hiding behind a winter hat like your eyebrows or ear hair. And let’s not forget respecting those borders where you nose hair meets your winter beard.

Remember, when it comes to personal grooming and a chance meeting with the hot girl store, there is no such thing as being too prepared.

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