Gorillakilla Grooming Hacks 101, Men's Nail Cutters, There’s No Business Like TOE Business!

The summer season is upon us and it seems no matter how many times we wave our best men’s grooming practices flag, we continue to see a huge portion of the male population ignore caring for their feet, specifically toenails. That’s right, as soon as the weather turns warm and the shoes and socks come off you see it, ugly unkempt feet anywhere that allows flip flops, sandals or bare feet.

Now, there’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to your feet; from calluses to foot odor, to funguses that need to be treated with prescription drugs and of course toenails. All of these plagues are not easy to take but unkempt toenails may be the only one that actually skeeves most people, especially women. Now weren’t suggesting getting a pedicure at the local nail salon and if you are reading this post you know this is not what gorillakilla.com is about, however we are strongly suggesting (perhaps insisting) on regularly self scheduled (say every Thursday night for example) foot maintenance starting with cutting your toenails using a good quality nail cutters. Nail cutters that finish your nails smoothly and cleanly as opposed to nails that look like you baited squirrels to do the job before taking a nap or you chewed them yourself if you happen to be a more resourceful type.

Trimming toenails is a men’s grooming essential but can easily be classified as a dating essential or dating tip. Remember, women who care for their toes (about 98% of all women) look at all toes, especially men’s toes and your toenails say a lot about personal hygiene. Lastly, don’t forget another flag we like to fly, “when it comes to women, cleanliness is next to godliness!”

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