Men's Grooming Hacks 101, Spring Cleaning with Personal Grooming: Part 3

Back, Nose, & Toes:
The Real Life Sharknado of Men’s Grooming

Sharknado became a cult classic franchise by ignoring all the rules and being so bad, it’s good. The ridiculous premise in the movie is so farfetched you have to just go with it and become fan. With that in mind, the same should be true of back hair, nose hair, and toenails, right? I mean it’s kind of the same. It can be so bad and out of control that it becomes the butt of most jokes at the beach. But getting negative attention is still getting attention, isn’t that what they say?

And I frequently hear guys say, “I’m a man and back hair is natural. It’s just part of me and as far as toenails go, what, should I get a pedicure with the girls?” These guys seem to think they can wear their bear suit like a badge of honor but it’s more like a badge of horror for everyone around them.

Stop the back hair nonsense today.

Now the reason we saved these three personal grooming atrocities for last is because they are, traditionally speaking, the biggest grooming offenses in the eyes of women (well, actually, maintaining nose hair could have gone in any of the three parts but it’s a good partner in crime in this trio). And since starting this three part series a month ago we are now full throttle into spring and have begun baring it all (shirts off in the park, flip-flops, etc.).

Let’s not be the man sequel to Sharknado. This doesn’t mean you have to go with the girls to a spa or a salon to get a pedicure or waxing. Unless, of course, you want to (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Let’s face it, you want to look good and you want the ones you are with to feel special enough that you made an effort to look good for them.  

It’s time to go to war so give yourself a fighting chance.

There are no excuses for not shaving your back hair, trimming your nose hair, or letting your toenails grow to grizzly like proportions. There are great quality products available that are easy to use, affordable, painless, and free of chemicals. So stop procrastinating and get ready today not for June or July but for this weekend and put an end to being “that guy.”

Stop worrying about what your buddies will say. They’re not your target audience.

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