Men's Grooming Hacks 101,Spring Cleaning with Personal Grooming: Part 2

Nailing It Down

Part 2 is for all you Freddy Krueger’s out there.

That’s right we’re talking about fingernails and nailing it down. We know what you’re thinking: C’mon, we already know what to do here! Well, not so fast, Cat-Man-Do-Not. Do you cut your nails consistently (in many cases that means weekly)? Or do you wait until you notice their poor condition yourself? Did you know that poor nail care is one of the biggest complaints that women have about men? It’s first dates, third dates, interviews, business meetings – all of the above.

In Part 1 of Spring Cleaning with Personal Grooming we spoke about maintaining your public billboard, your eyebrows, and how they express your emotion to the person you are speaking with. Your hands do a bit of the same. We have all seen people talking with their hands and for the most part there’s no problem. But, then it happens. You or your audience notices your neglected claws and now it’s a very real distraction for them, or worse, for you.

Not the distraction you need when presenting your case in a business meeting or on a first date selling her that you are “Da Man” she needs to be with. Keep in mind: women who pay attention to their own nails always pay attention to men’s nails. They’re thinking: “That’s not hand I want to hold” or “That’s not a hand that is going near me.” In business, they’re thinking, “Shit, after the meeting I am going to have to shake that hand. Maybe I’ll fake a cold and say I don’t want to spread my germs.”

And before you think the women in your circle aren’t the types who sit around polishing their nails, do the math. In NYC there is a nail salon on every corner, sometimes two, and occasionally three. Someone is keeping them open and busy and it’s probably not men.

So grab a good quality nail cutter and not a cheap drug store clipper that leaves your nails with sharp edges or that fresh ‘I bite my nails look’ (biting your nails oozes confidence, women love it).

Finally, remember the three basics of good nail maintenance: consistency, consistency and consistency. Set a reminder in your calendar right now before you forget, say every Wednesday night, to at least check the condition of your nails. I guarantee she will appreciate it.

Next Week, Part 3, Back, Nose & Toes: The Real Life Sharknado of Men’s Grooming…

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