Gorillakilla Grooming Hacks 101, Spring Cleaning with Personal Grooming: Part 1

Your Public Billboard 

Who doesn’t get a little excited about the first day of spring? If you live in a large city people start returning to the public parks, budding trees begin to bloom, and girls become unbundled (oh, we love that). But, along with all of that excitement comes some responsibility for us men in the ways of grooming. (And to help us stay focused and motivated on one of our objectives for staying well groomed, we recruited a little visual help from Kate Upton.)

Since we are not quite ready to go to the beach yet we thought it made sense to begin this series with “Your Public Billboard.”

Your Public Billboard is the area that people first see when you meet, talk, or just wave hey. Of course, we’re talking about your face and, more specifically, your eyebrows. Your eyebrows have a very important role: they display your unspoken expression.

With the lion share of your self-expression hinging on your eyebrows, the first thing we want to take care of is that all-distracting unibrow (in case you forgot, you have eyebrowS, as in two). Use a good pair of man-sized round tip tweezers to take down that bridge of hair above your nose by plucking those additional hairs as well as any gangly stray hairs off the brow themselves. Don’t forget to pluck the hair around your ears as well (again, very distracting).

Oh, and you might be asking: why round tip tweezers and not my girlfriends slant nose? The broader, round tip tweezers are superior for men’s eyebrow maintenance or cleanup because they make it much faster and easier without leaving an over plucked appearance or advertising that you did not know where to stop. Our round tip tweezers pluck hairs from the root without cutting or breaking the hair. They’re also much easier on your ears and nose when plucking ear hair or nose hair.

Two grooming tips:
1) Never over pluck. Just take care of what is obvious.
2) Don’t be lazy by using a pair of scissors or, even worse, buzz cutters. This method will take away the natural tapered end of the hair, leaving you with an even worse appearance when that 5 o’clock shadow kicks in around your eyebrows in no time at all.

Remember, our mission is to have a well-groomed appearance void of distractions.

Next Week PART 2 “Nailing it Down”

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