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Welcome to GorillaKilla

Let’s face it, not everyone finds hairy men attractive and not every man is willing to endure the pain and expense of professional hair removal. That’s where comes in. We’re not your typical men’s grooming website. If you’re the type of guy who loves getting fancy spa treatments, you may want to turn away now. is for those do-it-yourself kind of guys who think the best male grooming products are the ones that work well and don’t cost an arm and a leg. 
Unlike other websites that seem to offer every grooming product under the sun without much concern for how well they’re made or how they actually perform, only offers products that embody our 5 ApeX Standards:
1. Performance – Every product must deliver on its promise.
2. Comfort – Every product must be reasonably comfortable to use.
3. Convenience – Every product must be easy to use and convenient to store and clean.
4. Quality – Every product must be manufactured to the best quality standards.
5. Value – Every product must be a good value for the money.